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Universal Periodic Review of Seychelles, Statement by Australia, 11 May 2021

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 38th Session

Universal Periodic Review of Seychelles

Statement by Australia

10 May 2021

Australia commends Seychelles for its first democratic change of Government. We welcome the establishment in 2019 of an independent Human Rights Commission and a Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission; and the passage of a domestic violence act in 2020. We also commend Seychelles for repealing laws criminalising consensual same-sex relations between adults.

Australia recommends that Seychelles:

  1. Continue efforts to address domestic violence by fully enforcing laws to address violence against women and increasing coordination with NGOs and private sector institutions offering support to survivors of domestic violence.
  2. Further protect the rights of children by amending laws to protect children from sexual exploitation.
  3. Enact laws prohibiting hate crimes committed against persons on the basis of sexuality, gender, religion and ethnicity.
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