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Universal Periodic Review of Denmark, Statement by Australia, 6 May 2021

Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 38th Session

Universal Periodic Review of Denmark

Statement by Australia

6 May 2021

Australia welcomes Denmark's continued commitment to human rights, including its leadership on freedom of expression and association. Australia commends Denmark's efforts to increase gender equality, to combat gender-based violence and its official apology in 2020 to Greenlandic Inuit children removed from their families in 1951.

Australia recommends that Denmark:

  1. Repeal provisions in Regulation L38 and the Act on Policing section 6(a) which designate so-called 'ghettos' and which allow for discrimination based on ethnicity for social housing and law enforcement.
  2. Continue efforts to increase protections for victims of gender-based violence during investigations, including regular training for relevant professionals on the National Police Guidelines.
  3. Ensure equal access to healthcare and essential services for persons with an ethnic minority background, including through the provision of quality, affordable translation and interpretation services.

Thank you.

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