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Joint statement FAST Trafficking in Persons EOP/V, 12 November 2021

UNGA Third Committee

Resolution Trafficking in Persons

Statement by Myriam Oehri

Mister Chair,

I have the honor to deliver this statement on behalf of Australia, the Netherlands and my own country Liechtenstein.

The fight against human trafficking as well as modern slavery is a priority for this organization, in line with the 2030 Agenda, with its three references to these heinous crimes. It is a fight that requires the active engagement not only from Member States, but other relevant stakeholders such as the private sector, civil society actors, as well as victims and survivors, as is also reflected in the resolution before us. We wish to mention in this context our public-private partnership Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) which aims at giving the financial sector a key role in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery. We also look forward to the High-Level Meeting on Trafficking in Persons later this month, an additional important opportunity for us to make progress in this difficult and important effort.

There is clearly an important role for this Committee in this conversation, with a special emphasis on the fact that human trafficking and modern slavery are one of the human rights crises of our times.  However, we find it deeply disturbing that the State presenting this resolution is itself contributing in a systematic and unprecedented manner to this human rights crisis through the weaponization of migrants and refugees. The incitement of irregular border crossings from Belarus into the European Union poses a threat to peace and security across the region and has resulted in a serious humanitarian crisis. We express our solidarity with the vulnerable third states nationals who have fallen prey to the deplorable tactics of the Belarusian authorities and call for respect of all international obligations by everyone, in order to ensure the respect for human rights of all, regardless of their migratory status.

I thank you.

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