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United Nations

Australian Statement for Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 13 October 2021

UNGA Third Committee

Item 74: Dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights

National Statement delivered on 13 October 2021

Madame High Commissioner,

Australia thanks you for your report and for your valuable work and that of your office around the world.

Human rights remain central to international cooperation and decision making, not only in relation to COVID-19 but, as we ‘build back better’, also on climate change, peace and security, gender equality and social inclusion matters, and to ensure a strong independent civil society and national human rights institutions.

We welcome your continued effort to integrate human rights into the work of the UN across all its pillars.

Australia strongly supports and values the independence of the OHCHR. 

We call on all UN member states to pay their assessed contributions and use their influence here in New York to ensure the OHCHR and all mandates authorised by the Human Rights Council are fully funded through the regular budget.

High Commissioner, what are the key risks if the OHCHR is not adequately funded?

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