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47th Session of the Human Rights Council

National Statement during the Adoption of the Universal Periodic Review of Austria, 8 July 2021

Australia thanks the Austrian delegation for its positive and active engagement with the Universal Periodic Review process. We note the high proportion of recommendations that have been supported by the state under review for this cycle and thank the delegation of Austria for its comprehensive and thoughtful responses in the addendum to the Working Group report.

We welcome Austria’s support for three of the four recommendations made by Australia at this cycle’s review. In particular, we welcome advice that Austria intends to continue measures to tackle racism and xenophobia, including the preparation of a National Action Plan against Discrimination and Racism.

Australia commends Austria for its ongoing domestic efforts to promote gender equality and reduce violence against women. We note in particular measures to protect women from violence during the pandemic.

We wish Austria every success in the implementation of supported recommendations.

Thank you.

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