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Australian Statement for the Interactive Dialogue with the Fact-finding mission on Libya

Australia thanks the fact-finding mission for its update.

Australia welcomes the ceasefire in Libya and discussions among the parties about elections to unify the country. We also welcome the UN Security Council's decision to extend the UN mission in Libya and appoint a special envoy to mediate with Libyan and international actors to end the conflict.

Australia encourages all parties to finally seize the momentum towards a political solution to the conflict and the establishment of a transitional government that will be representative of all Libyans. This includes ensuring the full, equal and meaningful participation of women at all levels of decision-making.

The culture of impunity that has been evident during the conflict in Libya is deeply concerning. We call for accountability measures to be applied to ensure perpetrators of human rights violations and abuses are held to account and justice is delivered for victims.

Australia asks the fact-finding mission what the international community can do to help ensure that the voices of civil society, as well as the active participation and leadership of women at all levels, are heard and represented in efforts to consolidate the peace in Libya?

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