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United Nations

32nd Special Session of the Human Rights Council

Human Rights Council

32nd Special Session of the Human Rights Council

Australian Statement

5 November 2021

Australia condemns the forced removal of the civilian government in Sudan and is gravely concerned by the implications for human rights.

Sudan’s recent achievements on human rights - including legal reforms that protect the rights of women and children, criminalise female genital mutilation, and decriminalise apostasy – are commendable and must be preserved.

The arbitrary detention of civilian officials, the declaration of a state of emergency, and the reported violence against those demonstrating peacefully violate the promotion and protection of human rights.

Two years ago, the people of Sudan articulated loudly and clearly the future they wanted for their country. Those same voices are now calling for a return to the democratic transition process.

Australia urges Sudan to release the civilian leaders remaining in detention, reinstate the Transitional Government, hold accountable those who have committed crimes, and return to the people of Sudan the right to decide their country’s future.

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