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Strengthening international cooperation to combat sexual violence in conflict

Statement by the governments of the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Liberia:

"The scale of sexual violence in conflict is appalling. In conflicts around the world women and girls continue to face horrific sexual violence. Progress has been made to support survivors and strengthen accountability, but sexual violence continues to be used in conflict. We need a stronger international response for all affected by sexual violence in conflict, the vast majority of whom are women and girls."

"We condemn the use of sexual violence and rape as weapons of war as a ‘red line’ akin to chemical weapons. We are determined to strengthen the international response and build a new consensus to prevent these atrocities, exploring all options for further international action, including the possibility of a new international convention. Together, we will support survivors, hold the perpetrators to account and put an end to these heinous acts."

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