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How the CWC affects industry

Security measures

ASNO introduced in January 2002 new permit conditions for producers, processors, consumers and importers of CWC-Scheduled chemicals to strengthen measures that restrict access to CWC-Scheduled chemicals. It is in the National security interest to avoid diversion of regulated chemicals that may be used for hostile purposes. These conditions include the following:

The permit holder must provide ASNO:

  • Immediate notice of any unexplained loss, theft or suspicious incidents that involve CWC‑Scheduled chemicals;
  • Where possible, written advice prior to any alterations to contact details, ownership, company name or address;
  • Where closure of the company is proposed, written advice in advance and disposal details for excess stocks of CWC-Scheduled chemicals, including quantities transferred or destroyed; and
  • A description of security measures in place for the physical protection of CWC-Scheduled chemicals.

A copy of the one-page security measures advice pro forma can be downloaded from Table 4. Brief annual updates are required in subsequent years for the lifetime of the permit.

Security measures advice must be provided for all submissions excluding DOC producers and those exclusively exporting CWC-Scheduled chemicals.

Last Updated: 31 January 2019
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