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Non-proliferation, disarmament and arms control

Australia’s Arms Control, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Priorities

Australia does not and will not seek nuclear weapons. Australia has an enduring commitment to a world without weapons of mass destruction.

Maintaining Australian leadership in global arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament efforts is a fundamental pillar of the Government's response to international security challenges, especially in the Indo-Pacific.

We are working with our partners to promote practical disarmament action, strengthen the global non-proliferation architecture, and enhance arms control outcomes. We will continue to engage constructively with States, international organisations, and civil society to achieve these goals.

Australia's Ambassador for Arms Control and Counter-Proliferation works alongside Australia's Ambassador for Disarmament in Geneva, Australia's Permanent Representatives to the UN in New York and Vienna, and Australia's Ambassador in the Hague towards this end.

The Ambassador works closely with the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office (ASNO) to advance efforts to limit the proliferation of chemical and nuclear weapons.

The Ambassador continues Australia's advocacy to strengthen the global non-proliferation and disarmament regime – including through setting the highest nuclear non-proliferation standard for Australia's acquisition of conventionally armed, nuclear-powered submarines.

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