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Template Permits and Compliance Codes

ASNO has developed, in consultation with permit holders, a number of template permits and compliance codes tailored to various user-types which are set out in the Table below.

The permits:

  • Set out the fundamental conditions for nuclear material and associated items, in relation to safeguards, accounting for inventory, applying appropriate security, reporting to ASNO and providing access for ASNO or IAEA inspections.

The compliance codes:

  • are integral to and have the same regulatory status as permits;
  • provide the implementation details to support the conditions in permits; and
  • are consistent with internationally accepted standards of nuclear safeguards and security.

Please note that nuclear material quantity limits and authorised uses specified in template permits are indicative only and are subject to variation based on the planned use of nuclear material. Some permits specify special conditions, usually set out in Appendix A.

Also see Series 400 Forms - Permit Applications. Queries regarding the use of permits and compliance codes should be directed to


Radiography Series - Industrial Radiography (depleted uranium shielding)

Class Name User-Type Permit CC
R1 Radiographers Low Quantity Radiography holding less than 500 kg of depleted uranium shielding R1 Permit [PDF 277 KB] R1 CCode [PDF 260 KB]
R2 Radiographers Moderate Quantity Radiography holding between 500-5000 kg of depleted uranium shielding R2 Permit [PDF 277 KB] R2 CCode [PDF 260 KB]

Locations Outside Facilities (LOF) Series - Non-Fuel cycle education, research, training, calibration and storage

Class Name User-Type Permit CC
L1 LOF Very Low Quantity Less than 10 kg source material and
Less than 1 g special fissional material
L1 Permit [PDF 278 KB] L1 CCode [PDF 259 KB]
L2 LOF Low Quantity Less than 500 kg source material and
Less than 5 g special fissional material
L2 Permit [PDF 278 KB] L2 CCode [PDF 220 KB]
L3 LOF Moderate Quantity Less than 5000 kg source material and
Less than 10 g special fissional material
L3 Permit [PDF 278 KB] L3 CCode [PDF 220 KB]

Uranium Series - Production, transport, analysis and export of Uranium Ore Concentrates (UOC)

Class Name User-Type Permit CC
U1 UOC Concentration Plant Production of UOC at concentration plants U1 Permit [PDF 872 KB] U1 CCode [PDF 1 MB]
U2 UOC Transport by Road/Rail Transport UOC from mine to Australian port. U2 Permit [PDF 831 KB] U2 CCode [PDF 957 KB]
U3 UOC Transport by Sea Transport UOC from Australian port to overseas destination U3 Permit [PDF 829 KB] U3 CCode [PDF 875 KB]
U4 UOC at Stevedores/Ports Handling of UOC at ports and by stevedores U4 Permit [PDF 920 KB] U4 CCode [PDF 760 KB]
U5 UOC Broker/Trader Transport and export of UOC from mine gate to overseas destination U5 Permit [PDF 879 KB]  
U6 UOC Laboratory Analysis of UOC samples U6 Permit [PDF 813 KB] U6 CCode [PDF 745 KB]
U7 Establish UOC plant Establish a UOC concentration plant Under Development
U8 Decommission UOC plant Decommission a UOC concentration plant Under Development

Transport Series

Class Name User-Type Permit CC
T1 Transport General Transport of nuclear material by road, sea or air T1 Permit [PDF 849 KB] T1 CCode [PDF 940 KB]
T2 Transport Air Transport of nuclear material by air T2 Permit [PDF 835 KB] T2 CCode [PDF 919 KB]
P1 Patent Attorney Patent attorney services for patents potentially containing associated technology. P1 Permit [PDF 899 KB] P1 CCode [PDF 878 KB]
P2 Storage Storage and archiving of associated technology P2 Permit [PDF 848 KB] P2 CCode [PDF 833 KB]

Special Series

Class Name User-Type Permit CC
S1 Research Reactor Operation of a research reactor, use and storage of Category II nuclear material, associated equipment and technology.   S1 CCode [PDF 1 MB]
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