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UN Security Council: Resolution on DPRK rocket launch and nuclear testing

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Foreign Minister Bob Carr has welcomed UN Security Council Resolution 2087 which further tightens controls on the supply of prohibited nuclear and ballistic items to North Korea and extends existing financial and travel sanctions to persons and entities with direct links to North Korean missile programs.

"With its December 12 rocket launch, the DPRK has again pursued militarism at the expense of its region and its own people," Senator Carr said.

"Rocket testing by the DPRK is a credible threat to Asia-Pacific security and to the safety of millions of people in neighbouring countries."

Senator Carr said the resolution also called on North Korea comply fully with its obligations to abandon nuclear weapons and nuclear programs, following reports of a planned third nuclear test in 2013.

In addition to supporting the UNSC resolution, Australia has directly conveyed its concerns regarding DPRK rocket launches to DPRK Ambassador to Australia Mr Ri Jong Ryul and to the Pyongyang Government in December 2012.

The DPRK's December 12 rocket launch also defies UN Security Council resolutions in 2006 and 2009 as well as the UNSC President's statement of April 16, 2012 which demanded North Korea not proceed with launches using ballistic missile technology.

The text of UNSC Resolution 2087 is available at

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Last Updated: 18 June 2015
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