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Extract of Closing Remarks on Day 2 of Elections for the International Court of Justice

Thematic issues

  • International Court of Justice
  • Justice
  • Peace and Security
  • Rule of Law


Extract of closing remarks to the Security Council by the Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations and President of the Security Council for November 2014, Mr Gary Quinlan, following the conclusion of the second day of elections for the International Court of Justice.

Transcript, E&OE

AMBASSADOR QUINLAN: Before adjourning the meeting, I might
use the role of the presidency briefly just to remind ourselves of what we're
doing. True, these elections are a baroque and even frustrating process, but
we mustn't forget that the ICJ is one of the world's primary institutions for
the peaceful settlement of disputes and the promotion of the rule of law. Maintenance
of peace and security is the fundamental responsibility of this Council, why
we exist, why we're sitting here today. And all Member States, of course, are
sovereign and have the right to stand for election to both these bodies, and
all are equal through the General Assembly.

I know we all take this very, very seriously and a process like these elections is simply a reflection of the importance of those principles, the principles by which the international community has organised itself to preserve peace and security. I know that sounds a little highly elevated, but I think it is useful at the end of a process like this, which has been as protracted as it has been and has by no means been concluded, that we remind ourselves exactly of what we are doing and why…

Last Updated: 5 June 2015
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