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Development assistance in Tokelau

Flag of Tokelau

Overview of Australia's aid program to Tokelau

Overview of Australia's aid program to Tokelau

How we are helping

2018-19 Total Australian ODA Estimated Outcome
$1.4 million

2019-20 Bilateral Budget Estimate
$0.4 million

2019-20 Total Australian ODA Estimate
$1.8 million

Australian support to Tokelau is closely aligned with the Joint Commitment for Development between New Zealand and Tokelau. The majority of Australia's aid has been directed to the Tokelau International Trust Fund. This was established in 2000 to provide Tokelau with an independent source of revenue and support long-term economic stability and financial security. Australia has contributed $8.8 million to the Fund since 2004.

Tokelau's population of 1,400 people are spread across three low-lying coral atolls (Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo) with a land area of only 12 square kilometres. Tokelau's small size and isolation are a challenge for economic growth and development. Tokelau is very poorly serviced by transport routes. It has no airport in the islands, and the only way to travel in or out is twice a month by boat from Samoa. The journey covers 500 kilometres and takes about 26 hours in good weather. This makes it difficult for people to access work opportunities abroad and means importing goods is expensive.

Through a planned Delegated Cooperation Arrangement, Australia will collaborate with New Zealand on improving early childhood education in Tokelau. Co-ordinated and harmonised assistance will reduce the administrative burden on the Tokelau Government and enhance the efficiency of the development co-operation activities.

Investment priority: Education

Australia is working in partnership with Tokelau and New Zealand to improve early childhood education in Tokelau.

Our results

  • Australia contributed $384,000 in 2013–14 to the Tokelau International Trust Fund which supports Tokelau's long-term economic stability ($8.8 million since 2005). In June 2014, when the Fund matured, annual interest of around $4 million per year became available to the Tokelau Administration for recurrent revenue and development expenditure.
Last Updated: 2 April 2019
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