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Development assistance in Timor-Leste

Flag of Timor-Leste

Health security in Timor-Leste

Australia is proud to have worked closely with Timor‑Leste to pivot programs quickly across the health sector to respond to COVID-19 supporting surveillance, testing, isolation facilities and health worker training.

As we pivoted our assistance to respond to COVID-19, we maintained our support for the broader health sector and delivery of essential services. Strong health systems deliver life-saving care and form the critical foundation for health security and the effective management of communicable diseases, such as COVID-19, as Timor-Leste adapts to a new global normal.

Programs delivered by the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security pivoted to respond to COVID-19, including:

  • the Advancing Surveillance and Training to Enhance Recognition of Infectious Disease (ASTEROID) program, under which Maluk Timor delivered training to improve infection prevention and control in healthcare settings
  • the program for Surveillance Training, Research Opportunities and National Guidelines for communicable disease control in Timor-Leste (STRONG TL), under which the Menzies School of Health Research is helping implement feasible, evidence-based health policy and practice guidelines, including communicable disease surveillance and antibiotic treatment guidelines.

Our support for Timor-Leste’s health care system is complemented by efforts in other sectors to help tackle the multidimensional problem of malnutrition. We also support improvements in access to water, sanitation, and hygiene promotion. Our support for health security continues to prioritise gender equality and disability inclusion.

Partnership for Human Development

Up to $120 million, 2016-2021

The Australia-Timor-Leste Partnership for Human Development (PHD) is a multi-sector program combining investments across three priority sectors; health, education and social protection. PHD’s common delivery service platform also supports cross-sectoral impacts in nutrition. The program’s overarching goal is that people in Timor-Leste are healthier, better educated and better able to contribute to Timor-Leste’s development.

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Health program

Australia is the largest bilateral donor supporting Timor-Leste's health sector and has had a long-standing focus on supporting and improving maternal and child health.

Australia, in partnership with Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Health, is now designing a new program of support to the health sector to build on the impressive gains from previous investments. The program will aim to strengthen Timor-Leste’s health systems, at both national and municipal levels, to support delivery of quality primary health care in an equitable manner. It will maintain support for COVID-19 response efforts and by strengthening the government’s ongoing delivery of essential health services, will provide a strong foundation for investments funded by the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security.

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