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Development assistance in Timor-Leste

Flag of Timor-Leste

Australia’s Development Program in Timor-Leste infographic

Australia's Development Program in Timor-Leste infographic

Australia's Development Program in Timor-Leste infographic. Larger size [PDF 510 KB]

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Australia's Development Program in Timor-Leste

People, Economy, Society | Total program AUD100.7m 2019-20

Bilateral programs

Partnership for Human Development
AUD120m, 2016-21
Improves quality and access to services in health, basic education and social protection

Governance for Development
AUD72m, 2013-21
Supports good governance in Timor-Leste through improved policies, systems and laws underpinning economic development and service delivery

Roads for Development Support Program
AUD62m, 2012-21
Works with Timor-Leste's government to manage its rural road network, providing benefits to communities through improved road access and employment

PARTISIPA (Partnership to strengthen Village Development and Municipal Administration)
AUD49m, 2014-21
Works with Timor-Leste's government to deliver community-driven infrastructure, improve rural water supply and strengthen municipal administration

Nabilan (Ending Violence Against Women)
AUD32m, 2014-22
Works to end violence against women and children and supports quality essential services for survivors of violence

TOMAK (Farming for Prosperity)
AUD25m, 2016-21
Supports commercial agricultural development, food security and the nutrition of rural households through improved farming and nutrition practices

Timor-Leste Police Development Program (Phase III)
AUD22m, 2018-22
Supports Timor-Leste to deliver skilled, professional policing services which respond to community needs and support Timor-Leste's internal security

WDPTL (Workforce Development Program Timor-Leste)
AUD17m, 2014-20
Supports a skilled workforce through Australia Awards scholarships, vocational training, as well as Australia's Seasonal Worker Programme and Pacific Labour Scheme

MDF (Market Development Facility)
AUD19m, 2013-22
Stimulates growth through a market systems approach in sectors that represent a major part of the economy, have long-term growth prospects and are relevant for poverty reduction

Buka Hatene (Monitoring & Evaluation House)
AUD9m, 2017-21
Supports better quality, evidence-based development programs, leading to better national development outcomes for Timor-Leste

Global/regional programs

  • Australian NGO Cooperation Program
  • Australian Volunteers Program
  • Australian Aid Friendship Grants
  • Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
  • Disaster READY Project
  • Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility
  • Water for Women
  • Australian Centre for Regional Health Security
Last Updated: 28 August 2019
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