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Flag of Tanzania


Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa and the home to Africa's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania was formed in 1964, shortly after Tanganyika and Zanzibar gained independence from the United Kingdom. Over 100 languages are spoken in Tanzania, making it the most linguistically diverse country in East Africa.

While much of government remains in Dar es-Salaam, the inland city of Dodoma is the administrative capital and home of the National Assembly. The East African Community – comprising Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda – has its headquarters in Arusha, one of Tanzania's northern cities. Although it has one of the world's lowest per capita incomes, Tanzania has experienced strong growth based in part on significant mineral reserves. Several Australian companies are involved in mining projects in Tanzania, and minerals and engineering equipment are Australia's main exports to the country. Tanzania's main exports to Australia are coffee and agricultural crops. Two-way merchandise trade between Australia and Tanzania was over $100 million in 2020-21. Australia's diplomatic representation to Tanzania is from the High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya. Tanzania has an Honorary Consul resident in Perth.

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