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Development assistance in Sri Lanka

Flag of Sri Lanka

Stability in Sri Lanka


We will deliver Australia’s support for stability in Sri Lanka through the Governance for Growth – Sri Lanka investment and our social inclusion investments.

Further information, including situation analysis, expected outcomes, key results and Australia’s broader engagement, can be found in Sri Lanka COVID-19 Development Response Plan.

Related initiatives

Governance for Growth – Sri Lanka (G4G)

$22.7 million, 2016 to 2023 (includes $1.55 million for KLIE Grants 2018 to 2021)

Australia’s support for stability in Sri Lanka will be provided through our flagship Governance for Growth – Sri Lanka initiative. The goal of the G4G investment is to help entrench governance processes and cultures at all levels of Sri Lankan government that foster inclusive economic growth, and thus help reduce income inequality and poverty and improve trust in government.

Knowledge and Linkages for an Inclusive Economy (KLIE)

$1.55 million, 2018 to 2021

The KLIE Grants program seeks to build linkages between Sri Lankan and Australian government agencies, research institutions and professional networks and bodies (and, where appropriate, international and third country agencies and networks). The aim is for these networks to help drive policy dialogue, build evidence, trial small reform projects and enhance knowledge exchange in ways that support the Sri Lankan government to be more responsive to the needs of citizens and the private sector.

Subnational Governance Program

We are currently designing a new Subnational Governance program to assist with strengthening stability through COVID-19 by building the capacity of relevant authorities to work in a timely and efficient manner.

The program will improve the ability of subnational government to recognise emerging needs because of the pandemic, address key issues, and increase the voice of women and the most vulnerable. We will strengthen our policy engagement and advocacy on women’s empowerment and reducing sexual and gender-based violence.

Building resilience

We will support stability in Sri Lanka through our Building Resilience that will promote social inclusion. Through our One UN approach we will have a rapid response mechanism should food shortages become an issue. This investment will also strengthen our focus on climate change and building the resilience of the most vulnerable and those most impacted by natural disasters, exacerbated by COVD-19.

Australia Awards

The Australia Awards program continues to provide human capacity building but will pivot to focus on the three new priority areas under the Partnerships for Recovery. Because of COVID-19 travel bans we are exploring options for the continued delivery of courses. We are developing online short courses to respond to capacity needs in sectors such as tourism, agriculture and water despite the travel restrictions.

Please see the Australia Awards homepage for further information, including current progress reports and reviews.

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