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Development assistance in Sri Lanka

Flag of Sri Lanka

Stability in Sri Lanka


We will deliver Australia’s support for stability in Sri Lanka through the Governance for Growth – Sri Lanka investment and our social inclusion investments.

We are strengthening our focus on climate change and continuing to support stability and the resilience of those most at risk and highly impacted.

Related initiatives

Governance for Growth – Sri Lanka (G4G)

$29 million, 2016 to 2025

The Governance for Growth – Sri Lanka investment supports a range of international NGOs as well as Sri Lankan and Australian institutions to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth working with all levels of Sri Lanka’s government. This includes economic reform support at the national level, work at the subnational level on strengthening service provision, and twinning between Australian and Sri Lankan institutions.

The Knowledge and Linkages for an Inclusive Economy program supports partnerships between Australian and Sri Lankan institutions in areas such as aquaculture, women’s economic empowerment, and responding to maritime disasters through improved ocean forecasting systems.

See more information on partnerships supported through the KLIE Grant Program.

Strengthening Governance

Australia is supporting more inclusive, efficient, and accountable governance systems in partnership with the Government of Sri Lanka.  Through our partners, the programs aim to contribute to improved evidence-based policy and decision-making, better service delivery, and improved voice and agency particularly for marginalised groups. Our partnerships include the World Bank, The Asia Foundation, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, and civil society organisations.

Australia’s partnership with the World Bank seeks to eliminate barriers to economic growth and provide improved macroeconomic stability in areas such as trade facilitation and improving the investment climate.  The Asia Foundation is strengthening subnational governance and improving service delivery particularly in the areas of public finance management, business facilitation, and social protection. The International Foundation for Electoral Systems program supports greater voice, agency and representation in democratic processes at the subnational level for women, youth and people with disabilities.  Australia also supports a wide range of civil society including partners such as Sri Lankan Press Institute, Sri Lankan Evaluation Association, Verite Research and the International Centre for Ethnic Studies.

Australia Awards

The Australia Awards program continues to provide education opportunities most valued by Sri Lanka's public and private sector. In 2021-22, we awarded 32 Australia Awards Scholarships and ran 5 short courses to respond to key needs in sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and water security.

Please see the Australia Awards homepage for further information, including current progress reports and reviews.

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