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Development assistance in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Australia’s development partnership in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

2024-25 bilateral allocation [budget estimate]

$20.0 million

2024-25 total Australian ODA [budget estimate]

$32.2 million

2023-24 bilateral allocation [budget estimate]

$20.0 million

2023-24 total Australian ODA [budget estimate]

32.2 million

The Australian Government will provide an estimated $32.2 million to the Occupied Palestinian Territories in 2024-25 (including $20.0 million to UNRWA). Australia's development cooperation and humanitarian assistance is a practical demonstration of our genuine commitment to the Palestinian people. Australia remains committed to a two-state solution in which Israel and a future Palestinian state coexist in peace and security, within internationally recognised borders.

The Australia Awards program contributes to the education of future leaders in areas of economic recovery and long-term resilience. We continue to support Palestinians to undertake Masters level study in Australia.

See DFAT’s Hamas-Israel conflict webpage for details on Australia’s humanitarian response to the crisis in Gaza.   

2024-25 UNRWA allocation [budget estimate] 

$20.0 million

2023-24 UNRWA allocation [budget estimate] 

$20.0 million

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