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Development assistance in Pakistan

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Investing in Pakistan's people with a focus on women and girls

Investing in Pakistan's people with a focus on women and girls


Australia invests in Pakistan's human development to improve education, health, and nutrition, particularly for women and girls. Australia has committed to ensuring Governments are adopting policy reforms around inclusive education, nutrition and eliminating violence against women.

Our education investment focuses on supporting the government's capacity to deliver quality education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KP). Australia, in partnership with the UK, is supporting KP to increase the number of girls and boys who enrol in and successfully complete primary and secondary education.

The Government of Pakistan has articulated nutrition as a key policy priority. Australia's investment in Pakistan's 2011 national nutrition survey led to the development of a World Bank multi-donor trust fund for nutrition, in which Australia was the founding donor. Australia's initial $40 million investment has attracted an additional $100 million in donor funding for nutrition and nutrition-sensitive programs.

Australia also supports Pakistan and other development partners' efforts to combat infectious disease and threats to health security, such as polio, through its contributions to global and regional health initiatives.

Related initiatives

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Education Sector Program

$64.6 million, 2012-2020

Assists the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa implement its Education Sector Plan through Sector Budget Support to the elementary and secondary education budget; and refurbishment/construction for school facilities.

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World Bank Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Nutrition

$39 million, 2013-2020

Enables Pakistan to scale-up and sustain an effective response to malnutrition by supporting provincial governments to prepare and implement nutrition plans, and provide nutrition services (such as nutrition supplements) that reduce malnutrition in women and children.

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Pakistan Partnership for Improved Nutrition 2012 Program Review Note

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Pakistan Challenging Gender-based Violence Program

Up to $13.4 million, 2014-2019

This program is delivering services for women affected by violence, including shelters, counselling, legal aid and medical services, as well as income generation support to help survivors reintegrate back into their communities. Support is being provided to strengthen the capacity of police, medical institutions and the judiciary to respond to cases of violence and to support and implement policy and legislation to protect women from violence. The program is engaging with men, women, youth, religious and community leaders to educate to challenge attitudes and behaviors that tolerate violence against women.

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Last Updated: 16 October 2019
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