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Development assistance in the Maldives

Flag of the Maldives

Australia's development partnership with Maldives

2022-23 bilateral allocation [budget estimate]
$1.8 million
2022-23 total Australian ODA [budget estimate]
$2.8 million
2021-22 bilateral allocation [budget estimate]
$1.8 million
2021-22 total Australian ODA [budget estimate]
$2.2 million
2020-21 total Australian ODA [budget actual]
$2.6 million

Australian ODA in the Maldives will focus on human development, through scholarships.

Human development and governance

Australia's aid to the Maldives will target human development through the education sector. In 2020-21, we will provide 8 long-term and 15 short-term Australia Awards for study at Australian universities, focused on economic development, education and management and commerce.

Our results

Between 2012 and 2021, we provided 357 long and short-term Australia Awards.

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