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Development cooperation

The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed the following agreement on international development cooperation in Tokyo in December 2011. Following integration of AusAID into DFAT, the understanding has been adopted through the development work undertaken by DFAT.


  1. This Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter referred to as the "MOU") is entered into between the Australian Agency for International Development (hereinafter referred to as "AusAID") and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (hereinafter referred to as "JICA"). The MOU provides a framework for AusAID and JICA to pursue closer working relationships on economic and social development at the partner country level. The MOU articulates partnership principles and possible areas for future cooperation. This MOU is a record of understanding between AusAID and JICA for mutual cooperation and is not legally binding.


  1. AusAID and JICA will work together to help people overcome poverty through assisting developing countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals. We will also work towards providing an equal opportunity for people in developing countries to participate in the benefits of economic growth.

Partnership principles

  1. The partnership will be guided by the following principles:
    1. respect for high level decisions/policy discussions such as the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), the Pacific Islands Leaders Meetings (PALMs) and other relevant forums;
    2. an emphasis on pursuing practical cooperation opportunities that are of mutual benefit to AusAID and JICA and result in outcomes that could not have been achieved by either party working alone;
    3. shared commitment to achieving results that reduce poverty;
    4. a commitment to open communication at all levels and creating professional relationships characterised by respect, honesty and trust;
    5. mutual effort to increase transparency and accountability by making information available to the public;
    6. shared commitment to developing and strengthening the partnership on an equal basis;
    7. mutual respect for the contribution from each country, and recognition that each has different skills, attributes, strengths, systems and processes;
    8. support for development driven by developing countries and their people;
    9. support for effective and efficient aid delivery through enhancing collaboration efforts under regional, country or sector frameworks, especially recognising the Cairns Compact on Strengthening Development Coordination in the Pacific (Forum Compact) as a key mechanism for strengthening development effectiveness;
    10. inclusivity, including collaboration with key bilateral and multilateral development partners where appropriate;
    11. supporting progress towards the Millennium Development Goals;
    12. a flexible approach to tackling development issues;
    13. a focus on fostering expertise for providing professional solutions; and
    14. a focus on evaluation and continuous improvement.

Strategic objectives

  1. The partnership will pursue the following strategic objectives:

    AusAID and JICA intend to pursue closer working relationships at the country level, particularly in countries and regions identified as priorities for collaboration. Possible areas of cooperation are outlined at Annex A. These areas are intended to be indicative rather than exhaustive, and may be reviewed annually.

Coordination and implementation

  1. AusAID and JICA will hold an annual development dialogue to facilitate cooperation under this MOU, review the health of the partnership and agree on next steps. This will be held at the senior official level or higher.
  2. AusAID and JICA also acknowledge the importance of dialogue under the Heptagon Meeting in exploring further possibilities for collaboration in the Pacific region.
  3. The President of JICA and the Director General of AusAID intend to seek opportunities to discuss the progress of the partnership at mutually convenient times, such as in the margins of international high-level events at which both are present.
  4. Contact points will be appointed to manage working-level coordination between AusAID's and JICA's Development Partnerships Division. For the purpose of facilitation and information exchange in the course of the implementation of this MOU, the focal points for AusAID and JICA shall be as follows:

    For AusAID:

    Director, North Asia Section, Australian Agency for International Development

    255 London Circuit, Civic, ACT Australia 2612

    Tel: +61-2-6206 4000 Fax: +61-2-6206 4880

    For JICA:

    Director, Development Partnership Division, Operations Strategy Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency

    Nibancho Center Building, 5-25 Niban-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8012, Japan

    Tel: +81-3-5226-9168 Fax: +81-3-5226-6373

    AusAID and JICA may assign additional representatives or substitute other focal points for those outlined above.


  1. This MOI will come into effect on the date of signature on the two original copies.
  2. The MOU may be terminated by AusAID and JICA, either individually or collectively, proposing that the partnership has served its purpose and requesting its discontinuation.

Obligations of AusAID and JICA

  1. This MOU does not represent any commitment with regard to funding of either AusAID or JICA. Any such commitment shall be reflected in separate agreements that may be entered into by AusAID and JICA under this MOU. Such commitments and agreements shall be subject to the respective internal policies, procedures, and approval of AusAID and JICA. Furthermore, this MOU shall not result in any agency, partnership or other joint venture, or represent any commitment in the part of either AusAID or JICA to give preferred treatment to the other, in any matter contemplated under this MOU or otherwise.


  1. This MOU may be amended by written agreement between AusAID and JICA.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, AusAID and JICA acting through their duly authorised representatives, have signed this MOU in English in two original copies, in Tokyo, Japan, on December 12, 2011.

(signed) Mr. James BATLEY

Deputy Director General, Australian Agency for International Development

(signed) Mr. Kenzo OSHIMA

Advisor to the President, Japan International Cooperation Agency

Annex A: [Indicative] Areas of cooperation

  1. AusAID and JICA may explore the possibility of partnerships based on discussions at headquarters and the field levels, including, but not limited to:
    1. Exchange of information of mutual interest, particularly in Asia and the Pacific Islands, as follows;
      • Information on strategies, programs and sector policies and key development issues
      • Information concerning respective fields of activities such as successful practices, models, approaches, materials, and lessons learnt
      • Information on planning and appraisal of particular projects and programs in the framework of the sector program / dialogue of a partner country
      • Information on each other's development schemes.
    2. Joint assistance, including for example, technical assistance on specific development programs and projects; scaling up successful practices, models or approaches; collaboration under multi donor frameworks such as the Joint Policy Action Matrix approach to economic reform in the Pacific. Possible areas for cooperation in Asia and the Pacific include: education, health, disaster risk management, disaster response, infrastructure, economic policy, private sector development, agricultural/rural development, poverty reduction, climate change adaptation and environment including water management, waste management and coastal zone management.
    3. Sharing of research, project and development experiences.
  2. AusAID and JICA may, as appropriate, invite each other to seminars, symposia, workshops or conferences of mutual interest, convened or otherwise supported by either AusAID or JICA.
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