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Flag of Comoros


The Union of the Comoros is an Indian Ocean island state with a largely Muslim population of over 888,000 (2021). Comoros was a French colony until its independence in 1975. Its main languages are Comorian (Shikomori - a blend of Swahili and Arabic), Arabic and French, reflecting a population originating from Arab traders, Malay immigrants and African peoples.

Comoros is an active participant in diverse international fora including the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, the Southern African Development Community, the Indian Ocean Commission and the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

Comoros relies heavily on external grants and remittances, with its economy depending on agriculture including fishing. Its chief exports are vanilla, cloves and perfume essence. Unrest constrains it tourism sector. Besides international agencies, Comoros’s main development partners are Middle Eastern states, France, the EU and China.

Australia's diplomatic representation to Comoros is from the High Commission in Port Louis, Mauritius. Australia also engages with Comoros through our mutual membership of the Indian Ocean Rim Association.

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