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List of figures, boxes and case studies

(a) Potential value of two-way trade between Australia and Southeast Asia by 2040

1.1 Total two-way goods and services trade with Southeast Asia relative to other major trading partners, 2010–2022

1.2 Composition of Australian goods exports to Southeast Asia, by sector, 2022

1.3 Australia’s total goods and services trade with Southeast Asia, 2010–2022

1.4 Share of Australia’s outward foreign investment stocks, by destination, 2022

1.5 Australian investment in Southeast Asia, by type of investment stocks, 2003–2022

1.6 ASEAN’s share of FDI stock with Australia, 2003–2021

1.7 Southeast Asia’s share of global inward FDI stocks, 2003–2021

1.8 Stocks of FDI into selected ASEAN countries at year-end, by source country, 2016–2020

1.9 Nominal GDP of Southeast Asian economies, 2022 (estimate) and 2040 (forecast)

1.10 Number of Southeast Asian and Australian households with disposable income of more than US$15,000 per annum (constant), 2022 and 2040 (forecast)

2.1 Australia’s participation in regional economic architecture

3.1 Australia’s top agricultural imports and exports with Southeast Asia, by value, 2022

4.1 Australia’s resources exports to Southeast Asia, 2018-2022

4.2 Potential revenue from selected critical minerals and energy transition metals in Southeast Asia, 2020-2050

5.1 Southeast Asian countries’ and Australia’s emissions reduction and net zero targets

5.2 Estimated demand for renewable energy in Southeast Asia, 2020–2050

6.1 Infrastructure investment need, by country and sector, 2023–2040

6.2 World Economic Forum infrastructure quality scores (out of 100)

6.3 Private participation in infrastructure in select Southeast Asian countries, by sector, 2002–2022

7.1 Australian branch campuses in Southeast Asia

10.1 Internet users in Southeast Asia, as a proportion of the total population, 2000–2021

11.1 Southeast Asian countries’ financial and insurance services exports, by value and as a percentage of total services exports, 2021

11.2 Projected revenue trend in digital financial services in Southeast Asia, 2019–2025

List of boxes

1.1 Canada’s investment in Southeast Asia

1.2 Australian institutional investors and Southeast Asia

4.1 Aiming for gender equality in Australia’s resources sector

6.1 Partnerships for Infrastructure – building capability in Southeast Asia

List of case studies

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