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Local engagements

Individual Australian embassies, high commissions and consulates employ locally engaged staff (LES) to support and complement the capacities of Australian Public Service (APS) employees posted as representatives of the Australian Government at overseas posts in over 100 locations.

Locally Engaged Staff (LES) provide essential in-country knowledge, networks and continuity and may work for DFAT or another Australian Government agency at an overseas post. LES perform a range of functions and play an important role in the Australian Government's work to promote, protect and advance Australia's interests internationally, as well as contributing to economic growth and global stability.

LES are not Australian Public Service (APS) employees. These positions are engaged under local labour law as it applies to diplomatic and consular missions, as prescribed by the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations. LES do not have diplomatic or consular status, privileges or immunity and their remuneration and benefits are based on the local laws and market practice in each country of accreditation.

Prospective applicants need to demonstrate that they are eligible to work by meeting the local citizenship or visa requirements. The department does not fund relocation costs for LES positions.

All LES vacancies and temporary employment and intern registers are advertised on the website of the relevant embassy, high commission or consulate and all enquiries about these positions should be made directly to the relevant mission.

Contact details for all Australian overseas posts

The Department also lists the following Current Opportunities – Local Engagements.

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