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Women in Leadership Refresh

A gender diverse and inclusive culture is a asset to Australia, injecting new perspectives and innovative ideas to advance our strategic priorities and extend our influence.

Since its launch in November 2015, DFAT's Women in Leadership (WIL) Strategy 2015-2020 [PDF 2 MB] has been central to fostering gender equality and inclusive leadership and culture.

The WIL Strategy worked, but we remain vigilant and there are new opportunities to act.

The WIL Refresh seeks to:

  • address staff in all their diversity,
  • facilitates a inclusive and collaborative workplace culture and
  • extends WIL to all posts to ensure DFAT remains one of the leading APS agencies on gender equality.

The WIL Refresh reflects our continued commitment to advancing gender equality while responding to current opportunities and challenges, including DFAT's response to COVID-19.

Key targets for the WIL Refresh by 2025:

  • A 40/40/20* gender balance at division level and at posts
  • A 40/40/20 gender balance for flexible work uptake (Canberra-based)
  • Maintaining a 40/40/20 gender balance for DFAT'S SES and Heads of Mission/Post
  • A 40/40/20 gender balance for Executive Assistants (EAs)

Queries, suggestions and requests for further information regarding Women in Leadership should be directed to the Women in Leadership Team:

*A 40/40/20 target comprises 40 per cent men, 40 per cent women, and 20 per cent for all genders. The proud history of Australia's trailblazing female Heads of Mission and Post is on display in DFAT's Portraits & Mirrors Exhibition.


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