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Australia–India Council Annual Report 2000–2001

Board members

The Order-in-Council establishing the Australia–India Council provides that the Council's board comprises a Chairman and not fewer than four, nor more than fourteen, other members. The Chairman and members are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and serve on a part-time basis, receiving sitting fees and travelling allowances in accordance with Remuneration Tribunal determinations. The Chairman and members normally hold office for a term of three years. The board may appoint a Deputy Chairman from among its members.

The membership of the board during 2000–01 is listed below, showing the respective dates of appointment and brief personal details as at the close of the reporting period.


Mr Michael Abbott QC
Mr Michael Abbott QC: Barrister; resident in Adelaide. (Board member 1992–1998. Appointed as Chairman 31 March 1999.)

Deputy Chair

Mr John Gillett
Mr John Gillett: Managing Director, Asia–Pacific, AGC–Woodward Clyde Pty Ltd; resident in Melbourne. (Membership term expired 7 December 2000.)

Ms Betty Churcher AO
Ms Betty Churcher AO: Adjunct Professor, Centre for Cross Cultural Research, Australian National University; resident in Wamboin, NSW. (Appointed as member 8 December 1997. Deputy Chair from 2 March 2001.)


Dr Cameron Battersby
Dr Cameron Battersby: Retired consultant surgeon, and cricket administrator; resident in Brisbane. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)

Professor Suzanne Crowe
Professor Suzanne Crowe: Medical researcher, Monash University and Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research; resident in Melbourne. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)

Mr John Dauth LVO
Mr John Dauth LVO: Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; resident in Canberra. (Membership term expired 13 May 2001.)

Mr Darren Gribble
Mr Darren Gribble: Business consultant and former Australian High Commissioner to India; resident in Canberra. (Appointed 8 December 1997.)

Hon Jim Kennan QC
Hon Jim Kennan QC: Businessman and former politician; resident in Melbourne. (Chairman 1995–1998. Re-appointed as Board member 31 March 1999.)

Associate Professor Kenneth McPherson
Associate Professor Kenneth McPherson: Executive Director, Indian Ocean Centre, Curtin University; resident in Perth. (Re-appointed 31 March 1999.)

Mr Hamish McDonald
Mr Hamish McDonald: Foreign Editor, the Sydney Morning Herald; resident in Sydney. (Membership term expired 7 December 2000.)

Mr Mike Mitchell
Mr Mike Mitchell: General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Argyle Diamonds; resident in Perth. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)

Dr Hemchander Rao
Dr Hemchander Rao: Specialist surgeon and Indian community leader; resident in Sydney. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)

Dr Ric Shand
Dr Ric Shand: Visiting Fellow, South Asia Research Centre, Australian National University; resident in Canberra. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)

Ms Safina Uberoi
Ms Safina Uberoi: Film and television producer; resident in Sydney. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)

Australia–India Council Annual Report 2000–2001

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