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Australia–India Council Annual Report 2000–2001

Australia–India Council Annual Report 2000–2001

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Letter to Minister
Chairman’s message
Board members
Mission statement, aims and objectives
Funding application process
Environment and heritage
Health and social issues
Institutional and professional links
News media and film
Administrative overview
Appendix: Australia–India Council Trust Account Financial Statements 2000–2001

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FRONT COVER PICTURE: A major Council-supported activity during 2000–01 was the Australia–India Disaster Management Symposium, held in New Delhi from 20 to 22 November 2000. AIC Chairman Mr Michael Abbott QC (who co-chaired the symposium) is at the podium, with Indian co-chair Mr V Suresh (Chairman and Managing Director of the Indian Housing and Urban Development Corporation) to his left. Others at the table include Australian High Commissioner Mr Rob Laurie, Indian Minister for Rural Development Mr M Venkaiah Naidu, President of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Mr Arun Bharat Ram, and CII Director-General Mr Tarun Das. (Photo: Australian High Commission, New Delhi)

With AIC funding, the Melbourne-based ‘punk meets trad’ jazz group the Hoodangers visited India in February–March 2001 for a five-concert tour, which attracted highly enthusiastic responses from a wide range of Indian audiences. Playing at a reception at the Australian High Commission, New Delhi are: (from left) Eugene Ball (trumpet), Ben Gillespie (trombone), Ollie Browne (drums–obscured), Chris Tanner (clarinet), Mal Williams (banjo) and Mark Elton (double bass). (Photo: Australian High Commission, New Delhi)

Council funding enabled a concert tour of Australia by leading Karnatic flautist Dr Natesan Ramani (third from left). Others in the photo include Bhatavasalam on mridangam drums (left), EM Subramaniam on the ghattam terracotta percussion instrument (second left) and Sridhar on violin. Dr Ramani was also accompanied on the tour by his son Thyagarajan on flute. (Photo: Nataraj Cultural Centre)

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