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Australia–India Council Annual Report 2000–2001

Appendix: Financial Statements

Australia-India Council Trust Account Financial Statements 2000-01

Australia-India Council Trust Account Financial Statements 2000-01
Program expenditure
Arts (includes arts management)
Asialink Centre, University of Melbourne: Asialink residencies in India in performing arts, visual arts, arts management and literature, 2001 28 000
Ms Jenny Gore, Port Noarlunga SA: participation in enamel conference, exhibition and workshop, India, February–March 2001 6 730
Jazz Coordination Association of NSW: Hoodangers jazz group tour of India, March 2001 12 366
Australian Institute of Eastern Music, Sydney: conversion of rare tape recordings of Hindustani and Karnatic classical music performances 24 700
Nataraj Cultural Centre Inc., Melbourne: Australian concert tour of Dr Natesan Ramani ensemble, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Castlemaine, Sydney, Canberra, February–March 2001 15 000
Ms Barbara Blackman: lecture visit of Dr Kapila Vatsyayan, Sydney and Canberra, May 2001 5 000
RMIT University, Melbourne: Tramjatra Melbourne–Calcutta tram art exchange 7 238
Asialink Centre, University of Melbourne: Foundations of Gold collaborative textile exhibition and exchange, Melbourne and Mumbai, 2001 10 000
Sydney Symphony Orchestra: Indian participation in Asia Pacific Youth Orchestra Summit, Sydney, September 2001 4 340
Dr Jennifer Radbourne, Queensland Institute of Technology: participation of Mr Vivek Malhotra in two arts administration conferences, Brisbane, June–July 2001 3 670
Subtotal 117 044
Commerce (includes economics)
Australia–India Business Council: Australia–India Business Exchange Program, 2001–02 10 000
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: competition policy development project, Australia and India, 2001 4 998
Subtotal 14 998
Education (includes Australian studies and Indian studies)
Asia Education Foundation: Australia–India and India–Australia teacher exchange program, 2000–01 40 909
Dr Mary Varghese, Australian National University: science education workshop by Dr Michael Gore and Dr Susan Stocklmayer, Chennai, October–November 2000 6 000
Ms Judith Rodriguez, Deakin University: Teaching and curriculum development fellowship, University of Madras, purchase and freight of teaching materials, and airfares to enable report to 30th AIC Board meeting 7 796
Ms Inez Baranay, Nobby Beach, Qld: writing and teaching residency, University of Madras, December 2000–January 2001 5 450
Dr Kenneth McPherson, East Fremantle: Australian studies program visit to Indian universities, September 2000 5 426
Dr Jacqueline Lo, Australian National University: participation of Prof Harish Trivedi, University of Delhi, in Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies conference, Canberra, and Association for the Study of Australian Literature conference, Melbourne, July 2001 4 081
Prof Vijay Mishra, Murdoch University: visit to Australia of Prof Santosh Sareen for participation in Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies conference, Canberra, and research for anthology of Aboriginal writing 4 300
Dr Cynthia vanden Driesen, Edith Cowan University: visit of Prof Eugenie Pinto, University of Madras; Prof K Radha, University of Kerala; Assoc Prof Anjali Roy, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur; and Dr Suman Bala and Dr RK Dhawan, University of Delhi, for participation in Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies conference, Canberra, July 2001 and meetings with Australian studies centres 11 439
Dr Cynthia vanden Driesen, Edith Cowan University: publication of papers of Asian–Australasian Association for the Study of Australasia, Mysore, September 2000 1 700
Melbourne Writers’ Festival: participation of Ms Shashi Despande, August–September 2000 3 600
Adelaide Festival: participation of Mr Ruchir Joshi in Writers’ Week, March 2002 5 000
Assoc Prof John McGuire, Curtin University: funding for Indian participants in first stage of South Asia Scholarly Data Project 10 000
Ms Susan Faine: Indian participation in folk narrative research congress, Melbourne, July 2001 7 000
Subtotal 112 701
Environment (including heritage and agribusiness, mining and energy)
Emergency Management Australia: Australia–India Disaster Management Symposium, New Delhi, November 2000 62 292
Australian Centre for Mining Environmental Research: visit to Australia of five Indian mining executives for demonstration of sustainable mining practices, October–November 2000 65 305
Australian Business Ltd: Australian environmental technology demonstration project, Mumbai, October 2000 – March 2002 44 800
Dr Chris Barlow, Qld Department of Primary Industries: Barramundi farming technology exchange, Kochi, India and Cairns, February–November 2001 16 000
Prof David Coventry, Adelaide University: wheat/rice environmental sustainability project, Northern India, October 2001 – September 2002 18 500
Goulburn–Murray Water: Australian participation in water sector reform workshop, Hyderabad, June 2001 25 700
Mr Robert Bednarik: visit of Australian rock art experts to India for verification of age of sites in Central India, July 2001 – September 2003 11 655
Subtotal 244 252
Health and social issues
Assoc Prof Heather Mohay, Queensland University of Technology: early childhood education project, Mumbai, October 2000 – October 2001 26 240
Dr Wendy Holmes, Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research: paediatric HIV prevention and support project, Tamil Nadu, January–August 2001 24 740
Mr Frank Tesoriero, University of South Australia: primary health care exchange with Tamil Nadu, 2001–03 16 400
Dr Elizabeth Dax, Director, National Serology Reference Laboratory: first stage of blood reference laboratory, Mumbai, February 2001 – February 2002 19 990
Prof Stephen Cordner, Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine: Participation of Dr S Moharana and Dr D Singh in Indo–Pacific Congress on Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Melbourne, September 2001 13 100
Subtotal 100 470
Institutional and professional links (includes law, governance and international relations)
Ms Jenelle Bonner, Canberra: Australia–India Security Round Table, New Delhi, July 2001 50 000
Prof Michael Taylor, University of South Australia: participation of Dr SB Patnaik and Dr R Sivanandan in urban transport workshop, Adelaide, April 2001 4 920
Dr Joe Baker: keynote address at Indian National Science Congress, New Delhi, January 2001 6 000
Subtotal 60 920
News media and film
Australia–India Business Council: production of Australia–India Focus newsletter 2001–2002 18 250
Cinemedia Victoria: exploratory visit to India by Ms Amree Hewitt for proposed festival of Indian films in Australia, 2002 6 530
Australian Film, Television and Radio School: visit of Dr Mohan Agashe, Director, Film and Television Institute of India, to Australia, November 2000 3 594
Australian Screen Directors’ Association: participation of Indian film director/producer Mr Ketan Mehta in film screening and directors’ forum, Sydney, July 2000 930
Brown & Wilton Pty Ltd: production and distribution of AIC Annual Report for 1999–2000 6 425
Brown & Wilton Pty Ltd: distribution and html format of 1999–2000 AIC Annual Report 2 315
Subtotal 38 044
Australian Cricket Board: Border–Gavaskar scholarships for three Indian cricketers to Commonwealth Bank Cricket Academy, Adelaide, 2001 24 600
Subtotal 24 600
New Delhi
Australian High Commission New Delhi: discretionary funding for support of AIC programs, July 2000 – June 2001 20 764
Total program expenditure 733 793
Meetings and administration expenditure
Meeting costs and general services
Fares 48 360
Travel allowance 15 833
Sitting fees 12 580
Meeting expenses 4 939
Cabcharge/taxis 4 348
Secretariat travel 6 724
Printing, stationery 2 715
Freight charges 1 500
Hospitality 678
Photography 731
Presentation books 159
Incidentals 164
Subtotal 98 711
New Delhi
Australian High Commission New Delhi: salary and associated
costs for locally engaged staff, July 2000 – June 2001 26 366
Total administration expenditure 125 077
Total expenditure 858 870
Summary of Trust Account receipts and expenditure 2000–2001
Balance in Trust Account as at 1 July 2000 59 182
2000–01 appropriation 750 000
Refunds of expenditure 51 353
Total receipts 860 535
Projects and grants 733 793
Administration including New Delhi salary and associated costs 125 077
Total expenditure 858 870
Balance in Trust Account as at 30 June 2001 (1 665)

The AIC Trust Account was reconciled by the Programs, Coordination and Management Section, South and South-East Asia Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, on a monthly and annual basis, in addition to periodic reviews by the Department’s Evaluation and Audit Section and the Australian National Audit Office.

Australia–India Council Annual Report 2000–2001

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