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Australia India Council Annual Report 1999–2000

Mission statement, aims and objectives

Indian teacher and Australian students

As part of the Council-funded Australia–India teacher exchange program, Indian teacher Ms Anita Malhotra taught at Warragul North Primary School, Victoria, where she was photographed with two of the pupils. (Asia Education Foundation)

The Council has the following mission statement:

The Australia–India Council promotes Australia’s interests in India by initiating and supporting activities designed to enhance awareness and understanding between the peoples and institutions of both countries.

In carrying out its mission, the Council aims:

  • to broaden awareness and understanding in Australia and India of each country’s culture, society and areas of excellence
  • to encourage activities that promote economic relations between Australia and India
  • to establish new areas of contact between Australia and India
  • to develop lasting links involving a wide range of people in both countries.

To achieve these aims, the Council has the following objectives:

  • to initiate and support, among influential persons and groups in Australia and India, activities that encourage the development of relations between the two countries, including economic and commercial relations
  • to initiate and support exchanges that demonstrate to Indians Australian excellence in the arts, science and technology, sport and other fields and which promote knowledge in India of Australian cultural and social attributes
  • to encourage Australians to take a greater interest in developments in India through Council-supported activities that increase the level and quality of public awareness, and broaden community knowledge and understanding, of India in Australia
  • to publicise important developments in the various areas of the relationship between Australia and India
  • to seek maximum publicity for the Council’s activities as a means of encouraging wider public appreciation of, and support for, the Council’s objectives
  • to seek community involvement in, and private sector support for, the Council’s activities.

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Last Updated: 24 September 2014
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