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Australia India Council Annual Report 1999–2000

Board members

The Order-in-Council establishing the Australia–India Council provides that the Council’s board comprises a Chairman and not fewer than four, nor more than fourteen, other members. The Chairman and members are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs and serve on a part-time basis, receiving sitting fees and travelling allowances in accordance with Remuneration Tribunal determinations. The Chairman and members normally hold office for a term of three years. The board may appoint a Deputy Chairman from among its members.

The membership of the board during 1999-2000 is listed below, showing the respective dates of appointment and brief personal details as at the close of the reporting period.


Mr Michael Abbott QC
Mr Michael Abbott QC: Barrister; resident in Adelaide. (Board member 1992–1998. Appointed as Chairman 31 March 1999.)

Deputy Chair

Mr John Gillett
Mr John Gillett: Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, AGC-Woodward Clyde Pty Ltd; resident in Melbourne. (Reappointed 8 December 1997.)


Dr Cameron Battersby
Dr Cameron Battersby: Retired consultant surgeon, and cricket administrator; resident in Brisbane. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)
Ms Betty Churcher AO
Ms Betty Churcher AO: Adjunct Professor, Centre for Cross Cultural Research, Australian National University; resident in Wamboin, NSW. (Appointed 8 December 1997.)
Professor Suzanne Crowe
Professor Suzanne Crowe: Medical researcher, Monash University and Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research; resident in Melbourne. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)
Mr John Dauth LVO
Mr John Dauth LVO: Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; resident in Canberra. (Appointed 14 May 1998.)
Mr Darren Gribble
Mr Darren Gribble: Business consultant and former Australian High Commissioner to India; resident in Canberra. (Appointed 8 December 1997.)
Hon Jim Kennan QC
Hon Jim Kennan QC: Businessman and former politician; resident in Melbourne. (Chairman 1995–1998. Reappointed as Board member 31 March 1999.)
Associate Professor Kenneth McPherson
Associate Professor Kenneth McPherson: Executive Director, Indian Ocean Centre, Curtin University; resident in Perth. (Reappointed 31 March 1999.)
Mr Hamish McDonald
Mr Hamish McDonald: Foreign Editor, the Sydney Morning Herald; resident in Sydney. (Appointed 8 December 1997.)
Mr Mike Mitchell
Mr Mike Mitchell: General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Argyle Diamonds; resident in Perth. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)
Dr Hemchander Rao
Dr Hemchander Rao: Specialist surgeon and Indian community leader; resident in Sydney. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)
Dr Ric Shand
Dr Ric Shand: Visiting Fellow, South Asia Research Centre, Australian National University; resident in Canberra. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)
Ms Safina Uberoi
Ms Safina Uberoi: Film and television producer; resident in Sydney. (Appointed 31 March 1999.)

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