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Historical documents

88 Cablegram from Gordon Walker to Australian Government

London, 30 August 1950


It is in our view most important that the United States Government should be kept fully informed about the proceedings of the Consultative Committee Meeting and of the projected subsequent meeting to be attended by non-Commonwealth Government of South East Asia.

2. Whilst there might be advantage if a United States Observer were to be present at the meeting with non-Commonwealth Government this would make it more difficult to avoid inviting other Governments outside South East Asia, but with interests in the area (i.e. France and Netherlands).

3. In view of the. special need for the report of the London Conference to appeal to United States Officials and public opinion, there would, in our view, be advantage in asking the United States Government to appoint a special liaison officer to the Conference. He would not be present at the meeting but would be available for consultation with delegations and would be kept regularly informed of the proceedings.

4. In view of the French and Dutch interest in South East Asia and the possibility that after studying the report the French and Netherlands Government may be willing along with the United States of America, but of course on a much smaller scale, to contribute resources for the development of the area over and above those for which they are already committed in Indo-China and Indonesia, we suggest that the French and Dutch Governments should be kept generally informed of the proceedings.

5. We should be glad to be informed as soon as possible whether you agree with the foregoing.

[NAA: A9879, 2202/B]

Last Updated: 10 January 2017
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