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Historical documents

83 Cablegram from Department of External Affairs to Embassy in Washington

Canberra, 7 August 1950


Consultative Committee

For your information United Kingdom are proposing meetings of officials in London September 6th to September 23rd and of Ministers September 25th to October 7th to consider reports on economic development programmes for South and South-East Asia prepared in accordance with Sydney Conference recommendations.1

2. For your own confidential information this schedule has been proposed by the United Kingdom on the assumption that October 20th is the latest date for the submission of an edited report to the United States Administration in order that it receives consideration in the preparations by the Administration for Congressional action in 1951 on international economic policy.

3. We are concerned that the slow response by non-Commonwealth Governments in South-East Asia may prevent programmes in respect of their economies being considered in London and included in the final report. We may propose to the United Kingdom that they re-consider the deadline of October 20th in order to defer the London discussions. Before doing so we should like your advice whether, from your contacts with the British Embassy and your estimation of Administration programming, you feel that October 20th is the latest possible date. You should not raise this question direct with the United States Administration. It would be useful for us to know, however, to what extent the United Kingdom Embassy has talked to the Americans about the possibility of submitting a report on the date mentioned.

4. Please keep us regularly informed on these matters.

[NAA: A 1838, 708/13/1]

1 See Document 71.

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