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Historical documents

55 Cablegram from Australian Government to Governments of United Kingdom, Canada, Ceylon, India, New Zealand and Pakistan

Canberra, 26 April, 1950

100., 10., 9., 14., 59., 92. CONFIDENTIAL PRIORITY

Consultative Committee

The Australian Government proposes that the agenda for the Consultative Committee commencing in Sydney on 15th May should include the following:

1. Election of Chairman and opening address.

2. Review of priority economic requirements of countries in the area and of attitudes of respective Governments to Colombo Recommendations as a whole (recommendation B(i)).

3. Short-term action (A(i) A (iii) A (iv) etc.).

4. Technical Assistance (A (iv) A (iii) B (iii)).

5. Plan of economic development of the area (recommendations B(v) B (iii) A (v) etc.).

6. Promotion of commodity agreements (B (iv)).

7. Policies of international organisations (A(ii) and B (iii)) including:

(a) International Bank

(b) United Nations and technical assistance agencies

(c) United Nations Children's Fund (including question of disposition of unidentified property looted by Japanese).

(d) Discussion of any other sources of international aid.

8. Relations of Consultative Committee with Economic Commission for Asia and Far East (B (iii)).

9. Japanese trade policy in the area.

10. Future activities:

(a) Consultation with non-Commonwealth countries in the area;

(b) Consultation with non-Commonwealth countries outside the area;

(c) Future work of Consultative Committee.

2. The Australian Government would be glad to receive the views of other Governments as to additions or amendments to be made in the draft amendment.

3. It will be seen that in most cases the items have been related specifically to relevant Colombo recommendations. The items concerning Japanese trade policy has been included to enable general exploratory discussions to take place on the extent to which countries in the area will be dependent upon Japanese production. Part of the ground may have been covered in the prior discussions in the Working Party meeting in London on 1 st May on the question of control of Japanese industry under the Peace Treaty.

4. The Australian Government would suggest that it would facilitate the work of the Committee if one or more official advisers from each Delegation could meet in Sydney on 10th May for the purpose of:

(a) Documentation.

(b) Most convenient order for discussion of items on agenda.

(c) Preliminary exchange of views (without commitment) on agenda items.

(d) Preliminary exchange of views on conclusions to be sought at meeting and on questions which will require continuing consultation.

[NAA: A6366, LC1950/01T]

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