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Historical documents

53 Memorandum from Tange to Metcalfe

Canberra, 26 April 1950

Technical Assistance to South and South-East Asia1

At the meeting of the British Commonwealth Consultative Committee which meets in Sydney on May 15th there will be discussion of the extent to which Australia can expand its present programme of training, in Australia, nationals from South and South-East Asia.

2. For inclusion in the Australian brief for the Consultative Committee which is at present being prepared, it is necessary to have some indication of the particular fields of training in which Australia can provide useful instruction.

3. It is our understanding that in the field of public health the countries of South and South-East Asia are short of personnel trained in malaria control, maternal and child welfare, environmental diseases, public health administration and nutrition. You will, of course, be much better aware of these and other fields of public health in which the countries of South and South-East Asia are short of trained personnel.

4. In this connection we would appreciate your advice as early as possible as to the particular fields of training offering in Australia in which a practical contribution could be made to assist the countries of South and South-East Asia.

[NAA A1838, 708/9/2 part 2]

1 Similar memoranda were sent to other departmental heads prior to the Sydney meeting of the Consultative Committee.

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