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Historical documents

286 Cablegram from High Commission in Ottawa to Department of External Affairs

Ottawa, 6 October 1954


Colombo Plan

Thailand and Japan admitted as full members 5th October. Minister and Canadian Minister of Finance1 (Chairman of meeting) spoke to Sunario2 on 4th October result of which Indonesian opposition to Japanese entry was withdrawn in the interests of 'International Relations'.

2. Minister in statement to Committee commented that 'it is understandable that her neighbours cannot readily forget recent history but we must realize that the past is the past and it is the future to which we must look' mentioned Australia's view that admission of Japan to Colombo Plan an important step towards drawing her back into the community of Nations.

3. Full text by bag.

1 Douglas C. Abbott, Canadian Minister of Finance.

2 Dr Sunario, Indonesian Foreign Minister.

Last Updated: 10 January 2017
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