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249 Savingram to Posts

Canberra, 30 March 1953


1. Council for Technical Co-operation–appointment of Director of Bureau.

2. The Council has agreed that nominations should close on 15th May for the position of Director to be vacated by the retirement of Mr. Geoffrey Wilson.

3. We have considered putting forward the name of an Australian candidate in this connection and would like you to approach the Government to which you are accredited and mention that we believe we have a suitable person in Dr. P.W.E. Curtin, Senior Inspector of the Commonwealth Public Service Board. Dr. Curtin is 45 years old, graduated B.A., LL.D. at the University of West Australia and Ph.D. (London and Paris). Between 1939/40 he was a Research Officer of the Commonwealth Department of the Treasury, 1940/42 Chief Research Officer of the Department of Labour and National Service, 1942/46 Assistant Director of the Re-establishment Division of the Department of Post-War Reconstruction (concerned with Demobilization, Training and Re-employment). Since 1947 he has been Director of the Recruitment, Training and Research Division of the Commonwealth Public Service Board. He has University teaching experience in Economics and Government and is a member of the Governing Body of the Canberra University College and the School of Pacific Administration, Sydney.

4. Dr. Curtin was recently an Australian delegate to U.N.E.S.C.O. Exchange of Persons Conference at Bangkok and has been closely associated with Colombo Plan technical assistance matters in Australia. In particular he has been responsible for our group training public administration programme.

5. We believe him eminently suited to the position both by qualifications and personality and wish you to advise as early as possible reactions to our suggestion. As you will understand we feel the appointment of an Australian will be especially appropriate at this juncture in view of the active part we have taken in the scheme, and we have every confidence in Curtin's ability for the post.

[NAA: A1838, 3004/11 part 1]

1 Addressed to Ottawa, Wellington, Karachi, New Delhi, Colombo, London, Jakarta, Saigon, Rangoon, Bangkok, Singapore and Manila.

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