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247 Letter from Casey to Crocker

Canberra, 25 March 1953


I am a little disturbed by the fact that the Colombo Plan is not notably popular in the Cabinet or amongst the supporters of the Government here�I suppose understandably by reason of the fact that it represents a few million pounds of money that goes to other countries outside Australia and in respect of which Australia sees no immediate material advantage. One has to think of these things against the framing of the forthcoming Budget, when I expect that I will have no little difficulty in extracting an adequate amount of money to keep our Colombo Plan commitments going.

In the light of the above I would be grateful for your views as to what could be done from your end to get an expression of the usefulness of the Colombo Plan contributions to India. You may find yourself able to discuss the matter frankly and confidentially with the Minister concerned in the Indian Government�or you may think that it is better for me to write a personal and confidential letter to him. If you suggest the latter, perhaps you would be good enough to suggest to me the approximate lines on which I might write.

Would you please express yourself freely to me on the subject for my guidance at this end. I would be glad to hear from you as early as you conveniently can.

[NAA: A10299, C13]

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