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Historical documents

229 Cablegram from Casey to Department of External Affairs

Karachi, 29 March 1952


1. Consultative Committee adjourned March 28th.

2. Report prepared by officials was adopted with a number of minor changes.1

3. Committee affirmed decisions of officials previously reported.

4. Regarding Ceylon's proposal for cultural exchange, Committee furnished view that this desirable activity could be better undertaken outside the Colombo Plan.

5. In the light of Australian and Canadian reservations, the Committee left open for consideration by the Council for Technical Co-operation the question of making technical co-operation co-extensive, with the Economic Development Programme. However, every other delegation expressed support of the proposal and it is clear we must be in a position to give firm instructions to delegation to Colombo. Canadian delegation has strongly recommended to Ottawa that Canada neither oppose the proposal nor give impression it is likely to withdraw from Technical Co-operation Scheme after 30th June, 1953. Delegation has recommended that it be authorised to state at Colombo that while Canada's general view is that technical assistance should for handled in long-term on broad multilateral basis through United Nations, it will nevertheless be prepared to consider requests elsewhere under Colombo Plan and will continue to contribute to administrative expenses.

6. I feel strongly both for logical reasons and on political grounds that Australian support of proposal for co-extension without necessarily any additional financial commitments.

7. India has issued invitation to hold the next session in New Delhi.

8. Japan not discussed at meeting.

[NAA: A1838, 3103/9/3/3]

For an assessment of the report by the Pakistan Department of Commerce, see Document 230.

Last Updated: 10 January 2017
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