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Historical documents

215 Cablegram from Government of Pakistan to Australian Government

Karachi, 6 February 1952


Consultative Committee

2. 1The Government of Pakistan is grateful for the acceptance of their invitation to hold the next meeting of the Consultative Committee at Karachi. The Ministerial meeting will commence Monday March 24th and last probably until March 31st. Officials' meeting will commence on March 10th. Formal invitation being conveyed to the World Bank to send delegation both to the Ministerial and Officials' meetings. Invitation being conveyed to non members, viz Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, to send observers to the Ministerial meeting. The Director of the Bureau of Technical Co-operation at Colombo being requested to be present at Officials' meeting.

3. Tentative agenda is as circulated in Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations Office, London telegram E-15 dated December 20th, 19512 viz: item one, preparation of the Annual Report. Item two, role of the International Bank. Item three, future organisation for continuing consultation. Item four, liaison with E.C.A.F.E. Item five, Colombo Plan Exhibition. Item six, informal participation of non-Commonwealth Governments in the Colombo Plan. Suggestions for additional items invited in paragraph 3 of Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations, London, telegram should be forwarded at a very early date.

4. It has been generally agreed that preliminary processing of the Annual Report and coordination and consolidation of material should be done at Karachi by the host government. It is requested that material, which was to be sent by February 1st should be forwarded urgently before February 10th, 1952, to enable commencement of work. Canadian proposal regarding Chapter by contributing Governments appears acceptable to members.

5. Memorandum on item two will be circulated in advance by the Pakistan Government for consideration at Officials' meeting. For item five Ceylon Government will send report. For items three, four and six no advance memorandum is considered necessary and subjects will be discussed by officials who will prepare memoranda for Ministerial meeting.

6. Meetings of Officials of Missions of member Governments at Karachi being held periodically to discuss arrangements. Presume they are advising their Governments of development. It is requested that size and composition of the delegations particularly the name of the Leader should be advised urgently to facilitate accommodation arrangements. Details of programme for meetings being drawn up and will be communicated through local representatives.

[NAA: A 1838, 160/11/1/1 part 1]

1 The first paragraph indicates that the cablegram was repeated to Ismay and the Governments of Canada, Ceylon, India, New Zealand and the United States.

2 Not published.

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