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Historical documents

211 Cablegram from Australian Government to Ismay

Canberra, 10 January 1952


Consultative Committee

Your E. 14.1

We agree with the proposal to hold next meeting of Consultative Committee in Karachi on 24th March and have so informed Pakistan Government.

As you suggest, meeting of officials could be about a fortnight earlier with date for despatch of completed questionnaires and country chapters for report set at 1st February.

We agree that when venue is decided, host Government should invite International Bank and non-participating non-Commonwealth countries in the area to send observers.

Preliminary drafting of report might be undertaken in London using, for example, persons serving on Commonwealth Liaison Committee expanded for this purpose by representatives of relevant non-Commonwealth countries, including especially the United States.

Our comments on agenda will follow as soon as possible.

[NAA: A 1838, 160/11/1/1 part 1]

1 Document 206.

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