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Historical documents

205 Cablegram from Department of External Affairs to Embassy in Jakarta

Canberra, 10 December 1951


Your memorandum 6661 and sub-paragraph 1.

Desire you to assure the Indonesian authorities that participation in technical co-operation programme and membership council is quite possible without participation in economic development programme and membership of the Consultative Committee. Technical cooperation programme was instituted earlier than economic development programme and the Council has its own constitution. Period of operation is also different. London reports that the Consultative Committee expressed the hope that all countries will come into the scheme. (Chapter IX paragraph 16.) The Council is empowered to admit to membership made through direction of the Bureau at Colombo.

2. Reference paragraph 4 of memorandum 687.1 Provision for technical equipment including the endowment of institutions is a form of assistance to be given under regular technical co-operation programme which is, under present constitution, to operate until 30th June, 1953. While we do not insist on a direct link with the Commonwealth other aspects of technical assistance programme there are possibilities of a close connection with for example the provision of experts.

3. You should outline to the Indonesian authorities our plan for the provision of technical equipment to India, Pakistan and Ceylon giving a general idea of the size of the offer and indicate that we have reserved funds for such other countries as may eventually participate in the technical assistance programme. For your personal information we do not feel it desirable at this stage to make a policy decision regarding the extension or otherwise of this form of assistance to non-participants.

4. Your suggestions regarding Clarke's visit to Indonesia on his return trip are agreed to and Clarke will be so informed.

5. For Clarke memorandum will follow.

[NAA: All604, 704/2/2]


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