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Historical documents

203 Cablegram from Watt to Spender

Canberra, 9 November 1951

1412. Confidential

1. United Kingdom recently instructed its ambassadors in Rangoon, Bangkok, Manila, and Djakarta to approach formally or informally governments to which they are accredited with view to securing their participation in Colombo Plan.

2. Our view was that, in order to avoid appearance of undue pressure, Australian representatives should not be associated in any U.K. approach (particularly as Mr. Casey has recently mentioned matter personally during his tours). Our representatives were instructed to keep in touch with U.K. representatives and also to continue their own practice of using any suitable opportunities to create a favourable attitude towards the Colombo Plan.

3. Mr. Casey has suggested that when you are next talking to Dean Rusk about Indonesia's place in South-East Asia you might suggest American encouragement to Indonesia in dropping their inhibitions about joining Colombo Plan Council. He suggests U.S.A. might also be helpful in this regard in Thailand and Philippines.

4. We are not necessarily suggesting any formal action by U.S.A., but what is proposed seems to be in accord with U.S. thinking as reported in your memorandum 1979 of 26th October.1

[NAA: A1838, 3004/11 part 1]

1 Not found.

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