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Canberra, 19 October 1951


Technical Co-operation Programme

We have formed tentative conclusions as to the share of Australian technical assistance contribution which might be allocated for purposes other than training of personnel and sending of experts. We think it desirable that an Australian representative should visit India, Pakistan and Ceylon to discuss the possibility of Australia providing technical and related equipment (and possibly in some cases finance) for approved institutions.

We propose therefore to send Mr. Stanley A. Clarke, a senior official of C.S.I.R.O. on a special Mission to the three countries. Our present estimation is that he will be able to leave in the second half of November, but we would prefer to defer proposing a firm date until we have assessed the time needed by Clarke for essential preparatory work here. The mission would, we estimate, be for about two months in all, but this period would be extended if necessary.

Clarke will go to the three countries with full knowledge of equipment needs of India, Pakistan and Ceylon, as already conveyed to us, and of availability of relevant items from Australia. While in the three countries, he would want to discuss with appropriate officials both this and any additional information which Governments can provide, with the object of drawing up an equipment programme which could be submitted back here for Governmental consideration. It will be most important that he receive an authoritative indication from each Government of the priority attached to particular requests, the use to which aid will be put, and each Government's financial and administrative plans for implementing projects towards which Australia may be contributing equipment or finance. Our memorandum of 12th September 19512 forwarding notes on proposed procedures for the Technical Equipment Programme provides background for use in celebrating what it is hoped to achieve from the Mission.

We would like to make an announcement here in the next two or three days. Please approach the Government to which you are accredited, inform them of our proposals for the Mission and cable their reactions as soon as possible.

(For London Ottawa Wellington.) In informing United Kingdom/Canada/New Zealand authorities of our proposal please ascertain whether they have considered a similar procedure in respect of their own contributions. We would be most anxious to co-ordinate our activities with those of other donor countries. It is evident that Australia will not be in a position to supply certain types of equipment which will be in demand. I f United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand decided in principle to give aid in this form, it occurs to us that they might find it useful to receive the results of Clarke's enquiries and discussions.

(For Washington.) We would be glad to arrange for Clarke to consult local United States representatives and to maintain general liaison if United States authorities so desire.

[NAA: A1838, 160/11/1/1 part 1]

1 The cablegram was addressed to New Delhi, Karachi, Colombo, London, Ottawa, Wellington, Jakarta, Washington and Singapore.

2 Not found.

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