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200 Memorandum by Wilson

Colombo, 18 October 1951

Report on Operation of Technical Co-operation Scheme

I circulate herewith a Memorandum by the President1 suggesting that a report on the working of the Technical Co-operation Scheme should be prepared for consideration by the next meeting of the Consultative Committee and inclusion in its Annual Report.

G.M. Wilson



In connection with the forthcoming Meeting of the Consultative Committee, it is proposed that the Annual Report which is to be prepared should include a chapter dealing with technical co-operation. It is suggested that material for this chapter should be furnished by the Council for Technical Co-operation which could obtain the necessary information from member governments. It is felt that the Council, with the assistance of the Bureau, is the appropriate body to prepare a report on the operation of the Technical Co-operation Scheme for consideration at the Meeting of the Consultative Committee. It is also suggested that the Report should cover a review of the developments since the Council was established and the progress that has been made under the Technical Co-operation Scheme; statistics of requests handled; problems that have arisen in the field of technical assistance with suggestions for dealing with them, and estimates of requirements for technical assistance during the years 1951–52 and 1952–53.

It is suggested that the Director of the Bureau be requested to prepare a draft report covering the above points in close consultation with the government representatives on the Council who, it is hoped, will be briefed by their governments to make available all required information. This draft report can then be considered by the Council as a whole. The Report on the Technical Co-operation Scheme would have to be completed in time to permit its despatch to whatever venue is agreed for the Meeting of the Consultative Committee. It is therefore desirable that the Report itself should be ready for despatch by about mid-December this year.

[NAA: A1838, 160/11/1/1 part 1]

1 Raju Coomaraswamy.

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