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141 Cablegram from Gordon Walker to Australian Government

London, 24 January 1951


Following is text of Foreign Office telegram addressed to Washington...1

Colombo Plan�Role of International Bank

Commonwealth Governments participating in Colombo Plan have been considering how best to associate International Bank with Consultative Committee in view of important part which they hope Bank will play and Bank itself seems to expect to play in execution of plan.

2. Grateful if you would approach President of Bank2 and after referring to recent exchange of correspondence with Chancellor indicate that Bank's interest and initiative are keenly approved by all Commonwealth Governments. They have authorised you on their behalf to invite President to arrange for a representative of Bank to be present in Colombo during forthcoming meeting of Consultative Committee in a liaison capacity so that he may be kept in general touch with the Committee's deliberations; and be available to participate in discussions concerning the Bank at the invitation of the Committee.

3. For President's information meeting will be at official level will begin on 12th February and is not expected to last more than two weeks. Proposed agenda is as follows–

(a) Review of developments since previous meeting of Committee.

(b) Position of non-Commonwealth countries in area which have not yet agreed to participate.

(c) Relations with International Bank.

(d) Position of non-Commonwealth Governments outside area who wish to participate.

(e) Future organisation for continuing consultations.

(f) Review of developments on technical co-operation side. There may, of course, be additions to this agenda which will be notified to Bank.

4. You might go on to say informally that Governments thought it might be premature to invite Bank to participate in this meeting in any formal capacity for as agenda will be concerned largely with organisational matters. Nonetheless it is hoped that it will be afforded opportunity for informal discussions on financial problems generally between individual delegations.

5. Grateful if you would inform us of Bank reactions as soon as possible which we will then pass on to Governments concerned. Ceylon Government would be happy to make arrangements for accommodation of Bank's Representative.

[NAA: A9879, 2202/B]

1 The cablegram was repeated for information to the Governments of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and Ceylon. It was also copied to British posts in Rangoon, Bangkok, Saigon, Djakarta, Manila and Singapore.

2 Eugene R. Black.

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