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Historical documents

134 Cablegram from Gordon Walker to Australian Government

London, 11 January 1951


Following is text of Foreign Office telegram addressed Washington No. 119 of 10th
January repeated for information to the Governments of Canada, Australia, New Zealand,
India, Pakistan and Ceylon.


Basis. The United States Government recently expressed to the Commonwealth Governments concerned their interest in arrangements for continuing consultation on economic development of South and South-East Asia and their willingness to participate in the future meetings of the Consultative Committee.

2. We have now consulted the other Commonwealth Governments concerned. I shall be grateful if you would approach the United States Government saying formally on behalf of all Commonwealth Governments represented on the Consultative Committee that you had been instructed to express their warm appreciation of the initiative taken by the United States Government and of the willingness of the United States Government to participate fully subject to certain understandings in the future meetings of the Committee. They, therefore, wish you to extend to the United States Government a cordial invitation to participate fully in the future discussions and activities of the Consultative Committee including the activities of the Council for Technical Co-operation.

3. You should go on to say that the Commonwealth Government[s]1 have agreed on the desirability of a further meeting of the Committee at the official level in the near future and that they hope that the United States Government will be represented. The Ceylon Government have kindly agreed that the Committee may meet in Colombo on about 12th February and the United States Government may expect to receive a formal invitation from them in the near future.

4. Please give a copy of this telegram to your Commonwealth colleagues concerned.

[NAA: A9879, 2202B]

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