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129 Telegram from Australian Government to United Kingdom Government

Canberra, 20 December 1950


Your 228.1

Colombo Plan

1. We agree to proposal that an invitation be issued by United Kingdom Government on behalf of members of Consultative Committee to United States of America Government asking them to be represented at meeting of Consultative Committee in first stage at the official level towards end of January at Colombo.

2. We also agree the suggestion that representatives (or observers) of non- Commonwealth countries in South and South-East Asia be invited to attend meeting and to your issuing invitation on behalf of the Consultative Committee. It would probably be useful to indicate that an invitation is being sent to the United States of America Government also. In our view such invitations should be issued at the earliest practicable moment without waiting for detailed consultation as to the form, etc., of the invitations.

3. We agree with your view that an invitation should be extended to the Philippines to join the Colombo Plan.

4. With regard to the meeting in Colombo, it would be advisable in our view for the proposed agenda to be circulated as soon as possible so that the preparation of necessary material for the meeting can be undertaken.

[NAA: A3320, 3/4/2/1 part 3]

1 Document 127.

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