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Historical documents

124 Cablegram from Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Jakarta, 25 November 1950


Generally speaking Indonesians have been interested in and receptive of the Colombo Plan but are cautious and anxious to avoid any suggestion of political commitment. Discussions have also been limited by the absence of economic ministers and officials at the Union1 Conference at The Hague.

The Prime Minister, Natsir, has been particularly helpful and is arranging for Zain2 to attend the Colombo Conference as observer but has not yet notified Ceylon. Zain is the economic expert in the Foreign Affairs Department and in my opinion well qualified for the job. He is at present taking part in the discussions at The Hague.

[NAA: 11604, 704/2/2]

1 A reference to the Netherlands-Indonesian Union, a constitutional union between the two countries.

2 Zarin Zain, Chief, Economic Section, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Last Updated: 10 January 2017
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