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Historical documents

115 Cablegram from High Commission in London to Department of External Affairs

London, 5 October 1950

Commonwealth Liaison Committee Popular version of the South East Asia report

1. Commonwealth Consultative Committee at Ministerial level decided yesterday that production of popular version of report be undertaken immediately. Subject to proviso that sufficient United States support is likely to be forthcoming to ensure that at least major part of Colombo Plan will be carried out, it is proposed that popular version be published either concurrently with publication of full report or at earliest possible date thereafter. United Kingdom Government have assumed responsibility for drafting a popular version in English. Production of versions intended for publication in South East Asia and other Commonwealth countries to be undertaken by individual governments should they wish to do so.

2. Ministers approved that drafting be supervised by sub-committee of C.L.C. and give C.L.C. power to give final approval to popular version on behalf of their governments.

3. If Australia wishes to distribute popular version, we might either obtain supplies from United Kingdom or arrange for plates to be airmailed to Australia and printing undertaken there. We would welcome quick advice of your views in regard to publication in Australia, or if you wish to obtain supplies from United Kingdom, the number of copies you require.

4. C.L.C. has also been charged with responsibility of submitting to governments recommendations as to apportionment of cost of publication between governments concerned. Please advise your views.

[NAA: A9879, 2202B]

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